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Disaster Recovery & IT Security
We know that your business heavily relies on IT to run your day to day, business critical operations, we keep your systems safe with your data backed up.

E2E Technologies offer our clients an innovative range of cost-effective business solutions through our extensive insight into IT Support and wealth of Consultancy experience.

We ensure the continuity of your business in the face of unanticipated incidents, by securing your applications and data through our disaster recovery solutions.

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Disaster Recovery Solutions

Our expert team can advise you on our Disaster Recovery Services in order to meet your exact requirements in terms of technology, budget, Recovery Point and Time Objectives. Our team will accurately match the right technology, tailoring the solution to match your environment.

Working with us removes the burden of project managing and carrying out the installation of your Disaster Recovery Service yourself, leaving you free to focus on those tasks that truly differentiate your business.

We can take care of the ongoing management, monitoring and testing of the Disaster Recovery solution.
Additionally, we continually work with you to ensure your solution meets your growing needs

Disaster Recovery Solutions
Cloud Security

Securing the Cloud – Every company should plan for those rare, but devastating occurrences that can seriously impact your business, such as a cyberattack or a major system failure. Our backup and security services identify these risks, put a plan in place to mitigate them, and ensure you’re up and running quickly if the worst happens to preserve business continuity. Best of all, our experts take care of all the details, so you don’t need to.

Securing your key data against advanced threats, viruses, and malware. We’ll set up your security infrastructure while maintaining and updating it on an ongoing basis, so your information is always protected.

We encrypt your backup data and store it in certified UK data centres.

IT Security

IT Security is a business challenge, not just an IT one. We help identify focus areas and the roadmap to securing data, reducing risk and ensuring uninterrupted access to business critical and sensitive information.

Getting the right advice and guidance is critical to assisting with long term business and technology planning. Our impartial experts can help you move with agility to achieve your ambition.

We understand that the availability, integrity and security of your systems is essential to the continued success of your business and vital to its future prosperity. We therefore, work with you to design, plan and implement security solutions tailored to your business.

IT Security
Vulnerability & Penetration Testing

Prevention is of course always better than a cure, so finding any vulnerabilities through penetration testing allows us to execute preventative measures.
Our service simulates an attack on applications, networks or platforms and works to identify any possible vulnerabilities that real hackers could exploit
The purpose of the test is to complete a detailed analysis of your security position and highlight areas of improvement for instances that range from mild, and moderate to severe. By removing these risks and improving your position, you minimise the risk of being exploited by an array of potential threats.

Our common-sense recommendations and intelligent action plan, allows you to be as secure as they can justifiably afford. The outcome of our engagement gives you a clear roadmap for what actions we recommend being prioritised. From making recommendations around policy creation and deployment, to recommendations of security solutions, our approach is informative, comprehensive, and has real life experience and sound business rational applied throughout.

Cloud Backup

Businesses can be at risk of losing important data. Lost data leads to costly downtime, customer dissatisfaction, regulatory fines, and lost revenue.  Simple cloud backup: it’s an essential component of any businesses IT strategy

Cloud backup storage solution that enables companies to backup files, folders, applications or an entire system, safely and securely — with the choice of a hybrid on-premise/cloud scenario or backing up to secure UK hosted data centres.

With cloud backup we can keep your business running, protecting any workload, scaling without limits, and saving you money.

Cloud Backup
Email Archiving

Email is still the most widely-used method of communication within organisations of any size. Email archives can house a wealth of information, data, history and business insight, and should be easy for users to access, and simple to manage.

Email archive solutions make it easy and cost-effective to archive your emails in the cloud, enabling your business to search for email, easily retrieve it for compliance purposes and business use, and manage retention policies.

We go further to provide you with value, so your email archive is not only a storage solution, but a source of business intelligence.

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