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E2E Technologies will tailor a bespoke IT Security Solution to suit your business.


Full Recovery Within 4 Hours

E2E Technologies supply clients with highly effective and bespoke business support by providing the latest IT security solutions for all your data and systems.


Our aim is to enable our customers to
concentrate on their core business by
taking away any daily worries the security
of their network may cause.


We provide a free site survey in order to
assess any gaps in network security. Our
services team will examine lingering concerns,
discover any undiagnosed security issues and highlight
any potential problems.


A Large number of security issues
can go undiagnosed but, at the end
of our site survey, we will provide you
with a solution to tighten security and
provide peace of mind.

Why is having a secure network so important?

The benefits for modern businesses to increase their online presence are numerous. However, this can also increase exposure to hackers, cyber criminals and identity theft. The costs of Data hacking are reducing which is causing the number of attacks to rise dramatically. Furthermore, hackers are looking to outwit the security solutions that businesses put in place.

It’s crucial for businesses to stay ahead of the game and protect themselves with up to the minute IT Security. E2E Technologies are partnered with a leading Antivirus and Security provider called AVG. With an applied Security Solution E2E are able to monitor your Internet usage to determine what is typical Internet Traffic for your business. This enables us to rapidly identify suspect network behaviour and implement the appropriate response.

E2E Technologies forward any suspicious network traffic to AVG for them to analyse any possible breaches in security all while legitimate traffic continues uninterrupted.

What are the costs?

The cost is relevant to the solution you require. E2E Technologies prides ourselves on offering affordable, high quality IT Security as a service for every company no matter the size! If you believe your solution requires any more than what we have mentioned, please don’t hesitate to get in touch so that we can discuss a solution that works for you.


Why should I choose E2E Technologies?

E2E Technologies provide IT Security as a Service and believe you, the customer, should have complete piece of mind. With IT Security as a Service we can combine Firewalls, Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware, Content Filtering, Web Filtering and Encryption to keep your business safe from security breaches, legal liabilities and costly virus clean ups. We also offer a completely free security audit, available before we take any action, this will help our team gauge the level of service your network will require. Working alongside industry leading providers we ensure you will receive the best solution available on the market.

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